Becoming Tomorrow’s Doctor E-Book


Becoming Tomorrow’s Doctor

by Christopher M. Cirino, DO, MPH

Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases Specialist

Founder of Your Health Forum



The book paints a picture of what it is like to be a doctor for premedical students and the general audience. Dr. Cirino discusses topics that enable readers to understand the practice of medicine more thoroughly. Part memoir and part instructional, Dr. Cirino uses case studies to illustrate the themes throughout the book.

The practice of medicine is rooted in the doctor-patient relationship and skills that enhance a doctor’s ability to diagnose. Technology brought changes even in how health and diseases are viewed and will continue to shape a new health paradigm in the future. Dr. Cirino considers themes such as cognitive bias, medical errors, the roles of generalist and specialist, communication, empathy, and burnout.

Dr. Cirino suggests that, even with technological advances and changing practice styles, the foundation of clinical practice must always support a solid doctor-patient relationship. The union enhances medical care, patient satisfaction, and provider fulfillment.


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