Addressing Burnout Among Health Professionals

by Dr. Shama Nosheen and Dr. Christopher Cirino Doctors are often considered lifesavers. However, the greatest life that they can preserve may be their own. Optimal patient care relies on measures that protect physicians from burnout and workplace fatigue. Doctors run the risk of errors in medical decision-making and prescribing. Burnout among health professionals is […]

Genomic Testing and the Future of Medicine

Introduction The genetic makeup determines an individual’s characteristics such as height, skin tone, and hair color, or phenotype. Scientists are beginning to assess the basis of various health conditions using genetic testing. Tools and techniques can scan for genetic predisposition of certain diseases, including cancer, neuromuscular, rheumatologic, and infectious conditions. Knowledge about a person’s genetic […]

How Recent and Upcoming Technologies Will Personalize Health Care

by Christopher M. Cirino, DO MPH and Shama Nosheen, MD “An inevitable revolution in healthcare is coming. In this revolution, the consumers are the drivers and technology is the equalizer.” Dr. Basil Harris (Tricoder XPrize Winner) Introduction  One of the implications of the smartphone era is everything is in the palm of your hands. Small […]

The Doctor is On: The Future of Telemedicine

Written by: Dr. Shama Nosheen Edited by: Dr. Christopher Cirino Information Technology has brought the world at the distance of the tips of your fingers. It’s mindboggling to imagine that, three decades since its invention, 84% of the world’s population now owns a smartphone. We have been searching for our symptoms on Google since it […]

Bias, Medical Errors, and How to Decide Better

In 2021 in Austria, an 82-year-old man went in for a left leg amputation and came out with the wrong leg removed. That same year, a Cleveland-based University Hospitals reported that surgeons transplanted a kidney to a patient when it was planned for another. The examples above are alarming. They may represent extreme situations, but […]